Monday, January 02, 2012

Design issues

I am trying to finish up a quilt for my art group's Charles Towne Landing challenge.   We were tasked to use photos taken at the Landing as inspiration for our work.  I was taken by the various pathways I saw and used these photos for inspiration:

Sorry about that last photo, I just can't get it to rotate properly.

My original plan was to depict each photo and then join the 3 pieces together as one quilt.  The trees in the middle with the other two in opposite corners.    The trees in the middle of this:

(these are not done yet, but are fused enough to be able to put them on the wall)
 We are limited to a maximum size of 36" and I obviously didn't give the measurements serious consideration.  Each of the 3 individual pieces is too big to use the way I'd original planned. 

So, on to plan B - but I don't know what plan B is!  This is the only way I can stay within the required 36".

I know at one time we talked about maybe being able to do more than one work - I wonder if they'd let me do 3 small works!? 

Any advice on composition would be welcome.

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Pam said...

Have you thought about the trees as a quilting element rather than a picture?