Monday, July 31, 2006

Beach Retreat

I got back this afternoon from 3 great days sewing at the beach. About 50 members of the Cobblestone Quilters were in attendance. Here we all are. I'm the 2nd person from the right in the front row of standees.

The organizers did a fantastic job. The theme was "Pajama Party." Upon arrival on Friday afternoon we each received a hand made pillow case with a number of goodies inside. Just before lunch on Saturday we each received our "bag lunch" which was actually an assortment of fat quarters. The ones I originally received were not my style, but I was able to trade with someone. She loved what I had and I loved what she had.

Saturday night we had one of those gift exchanges where you either steal a gift from someone or select one of the wrapped ones on the table. (I know there is a name for that, but can't remember what it is.) I had items stolen from me several times! It was fun. We all wore our pj's and were given a pillow for our new pillowcases. Those that didn't want to sew Saturday night could watch the special movie - Pillow Talk!

I started and finished 2 quilt tops. One is a Spiderman quilt for Noah. I don't have a photo of that one yet. This is the other:

I can't figure out a name for it. Can you help?

The painted center zebra panel was purchased at our quilt show in March. It's on a fairly loosely woven fabric. I had about a yard of the squiggly black & white fabric that I wanted to use as a border. When I put the panel on top of the squiggly fabric to audition it, one of the other quilters there pointed out that the squiggles made an interesting pattern showing through the panel fabric, so I went with it. I was lucky that matching the diagonals on the outer border just fell into place. I'm pleased with the result.


Laume said...

Can't think of a name for your fellow in the pinstriped suit, but WAH! I wanna go to a beach retreat!

Virginia said...

Zebra in a Zoot Suit or Z is for Zebra.

Tomme said...