Wednesday, July 26, 2006

B is for...

Sorry I've been out of touch. Not much going on. Here's my next entry in WordPlay.

B is for

Beach Retreat - I'm leaving Friday to spend a long weekend on Seabrook Island at Camp St. Christopher. My quilt guild is having its annual beach retreat. This will be the first time for me so I'm not sure what to expect. I still haven't gathered up a project to take, but I'm sure I can come up with something.

Blueberry - one of my favorite fruits

Bill - my stepfather. He and my mother were married about 15 years until his death in the mid 80's. He had the greatest sense of humor and could always be counted on for a laugh.

Bernina - I've owned several Bernina sewing machines. My current model is a 170.

Buddy - Noah's lovey.
Chrystal bought Buddy from an internet friend who sells the approx. 12" squares. One side is flannel the other a satin like fabric. Buddy has 2 "ears" and 2 "tails" for extra tactile stimulation. Noah cuddles Buddy when he sucks his thumb. Here he is about 18 months ago with Buddy. Buddy has been facing some plastic surgery lately. He is becoming a regular visitor to my sewing machine while we try to keep him from falling apart.

Craig had his own lovey. It was a blanket that had been hand knit by my sister-in-law's mother, Joyce. That blanket went everywhere with Craig. It went to camp with him tucked inside his pillow case. He also took it to college. In fact he still has it stashed somewhere in his house. The once white, pink, yellow, green & blue striped blanket is now an unattractive shade of grey.

Blue Bell Ice Cream - One of my new favorite brands of ice cream. They just started selling it here in Charleston. I almost didn't buy it when I found out it was George W's favorite and that he serves it in the White House, but I decided not to punish the company just because I don't like one of its fans!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - my other favorite brand. It's hard to pass up B&J!

I hope to have quilt photos to post after the retreat!

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Laume said...

We were just talking about loveys last night as a matter of fact. A Clean Sweep sort of show was trying to get this teenager to give up his lovey blanket and I thought that was cruel. I still have scraps of mine! And believe me, it's not what's causing my clutter problem!