Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Janice

Since we don't live near any of our extended family, I always miss out on the cake & ice cream on birthdays. Years ago I instituted having "commemorative cake & ice cream" on family members' birthdays. Today we'll have dessert in Janice's honor!

Janice is married to my brother Claude. They have 3 sons, Claude, Jr., Paul & Eric.

Claude, Jr. has a daughter & twin sons and Paul has a son and daughter. Eric and his wife have their dog Zeus.

They have birthday parties for him every year. I don't have commemorative dessert in Zeus' honor but only because I don't know when his birthday is!

Yesterday I spent the day unsewing the work I did Saturday on my Grab Bag quilt. I didn't like how it was turning out so am going to adjust the plan somewhat.

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Ed Tunison Sr said...

Hi Janice, Almost forgot your birthday. You don:t look 65 all that easy living I guess. I don:t know if this mail will go anywhere. We love you.