Sunday, July 02, 2006

Saying something

Jerry read my blog for the first time today and seems to think it doesn't 'say' anything. I guess first I could 'say' something about myself.

Jerry and I will have been married for 34 years in September. We have a son, Craig, who is married to Chrystal & they are the parents of Noah who will be 5 in August.

We're originally from Detroit but haven't lived there since the 1970's. My 2 brothers still live in the area so we do get back there once in a while. We moved to Charleston, SC last summer after living in California for 9 years. We've lived in Charleston several different times during our marriage starting back in 1974 and it has always felt like home to us. We plan not to make any more moves! I am fortunate that I've been able to retire while young enough to enjoy it.

We get to take care of Noah several times a week while Chrystal works at her part time job. Everyone always says how much fun grandchildren are and we're learning it's true. Once I get the okay from Craig & Chrystal I'll post of photo of the cutest grandson on earth.

I'll post a few meme's as they circulate through the blog world that may also tell you something about me.


Linda said...

Hey Corky,
From what I have seen of your work, please, please, send in an entry to our Quilt Show here in Chandler. I just know that you can come up with one to represent Stages, Cycles, and Fits. Your quilts are beautiful and I love them.

kristen said...

my dear, corky, your blog doesn't *HAVE* to say anything :) you're doing great! i know my blog sometimes says something, sometimes is full of drivel and sometimes is just goofy.

keep on going :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Corky,
I'm sorry. That is all I can say. I am alive. All I have been doing since Bob died was to work and sleep. Not to much living. This is the year I planned to actually take care of myself and not just survive. So far I have taken a few baby steps. I am a Senior Manager for a local movie chain. I went from Team Member to my current position in two years. Work has helped keep me sane. I have a new email, Take care