Friday, September 01, 2006

Grab Bag Quilt II

The leader of our grab bag quilt challenge posted a photo of the quilt I made on the challenge web site so now I can post a photo of it here. The bag of fabrics & embellishments I received was mostly the greens and purples - with a few pieces of red fabric thrown in. I really had a hard time with this quilt because my first two designs were big failures and I ended up ripping out what I'd done. I ended up with the simple twisted log cabin design which I don't think was very original. I did want to make a hole in the quilt like I learned to do recently in a class with Vikki Pignatelli and thought it worked out as an interesting center for the log cabin. It wasn't until I saw the photo posted that I realized I made a major mistake. The green 'log' second from the bottom is cut off too short. It should have reached over the blue fabric all the way to the purple fabric.

I'm anxious to see a photo of the quilt made for me from my materials. The day I threw the fabrics together to send off I was in a black/white mood and I only sent black & white fabrics and embellishments. I hope the person who got my bag was able to work with it.

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Linda said...

Corky you are way to hard on yourself. Stop pointing out the errors. To my untrained eye it is beautiful. I just finished reading a book by Jennifer Chiaverni called Circle of Quilters. From what I read there are really no mistakes just creative innovations! Take Care, Linda from Arizona