Monday, October 30, 2006

Houston, we have a problem

I got my car all packed up and took off for Houston just before 8:00 this morning. As soon as I got on the freeway I noticed that my coolant light was on. I got off at the next exit and investigated. I'll admit that I'm a car idiot so I got out the owner's manual to assist me in figuring out how to fix the problem. I was frustrated because the drawing in the manual didn't match the actual car at all.

I had been having second thoughts about the trip so after a while I decided that the powers that be were trying to tell me something and decided to just turn around and go home. I'm disappointed about not going to see my quilt in the show, and I feel badly about letting down my friend Janis - with whom I was supposed to room. Even so, I do feel like I've made the right decision.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Corky--sorry you aren't getting to go. Neither am I if it makes you feel any better! haha. I've never been and would love to go one of these days. And to have a quilt there! Wow! Hope it wins something.

Del said...

I am sorry you aren't going to get to Houston - next year, right? This is a perfect occasion for the quote, "Life is what happens when we are making other plans." Congratulations on having your quilt in the show.

debraspincic said...

Sorry you will miss the show but better Safe than Sorry!