Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where it all started

My friend Liz, who grew up across the street from me, was visiting back in Detroit early this year. Neither one of us has lived in the city for years. Liz took a drive down our old street and snapped a photo of the house in which I lived from birth until I went to college. I was surprised to see that the house is still yellow. Our house was always the landmark on the block. If one of our neighbors was giving directions to their house, they'd say 'it's 3 houses from the yellow house' so some such statement. The house was small, about 900 sq. ft, but since we had a full basement in which to store all our junk, it didn't feel as small as it could have. Now I'm living in about 2700 sq. ft, but feel like I need more room. Too bad we don't have basements in this part of the country.

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