Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fabric Store mecca

Yesterday a group from my quilt guild went on a bus trip to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC, a suburb of Charlotte. We also made a stop at Longcreek Mills a funky little place with lots of thread at great prices. It was a good trip and I'm glad to say I was no where near the biggest spender.

Mary Jo's is the supermarket of fabric stores. Not only does it have an extensive section of quilting fabrics, but an equally impressive selection of decorator, bridal, and clothing fabrics. I think I probably left with the most diverse selection of fabrics. I bought some quilting cottons for a fractured quilt challenge I'm taking part in. I also bought some velveteen, silk dupioni and organza for the same challenge. I purchased some Ultrasuede for my journal quilt entry and some trims for another project. All in all, it was an enjoyable day spent with a fun group of fellow quilters.

If you're ever near Charlotte, it's well worth a stop at Mary Jo's!


Vicki W said...

I really want to get back to Mary Jos- I used to live in Charlotte and felt so luck to have MaryJos so close by! So, what did you buy????

KK said...

Hey - you didn't list your "do" rag fabrics!! I think you should post pics of them.


The Carolina Quilter said...

I used to love Mary Jo's (about an hour and a half away from me). Now that I work in a quilt store just walking through there is like a punch in the stomach. She is like the Walmart of the fabric stores--she sets the price she'll pay and they meet it. Hard to compete with that kind of power and volume buying!

Lucy said...

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