Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My good deed for the day

Noah's school had a blood drive today. They sent home sign-up sheets a week or so ago and mentioned that one of the donors would win a trip to Disneyworld. I donate on a fairly regular basis (I'm close to my 2nd gallon) so I signed up. When I picked up Noah right after the donation the first thing he asked was "Did you win??" They haven't had the drawing yet so who knows...

I usually don't have any problems when I donate, but today, just as I was finishing, I started feeling lightheaded and queasy. They put cold compresses on my neck and forehead, got my feet elevated, and gave me some pretzels and told me to suck off the salt. I eventually perked up, but it was really strange.

When I drove Noah home tonight he started asking me some really deep questions about death. He wanted to know if everyone died and then asked "When you die Grandma will you remember me?" This from a 5 year old!

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Anonymous said...

Corky - sorry you felt bad after doing such a good deed. Hope you are feeling better today.

Five year olds can be very deep while being simplistic at the same time. I sometimes wish we could keep that mindset as adults.