Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rolling over

Here's Hayden with a big smile after rolling over for the first time. She's obviously proud of herself!

We've been in Florida since Wednesday. Until Saturday we were in Jacksonville where we attended a reunion of the USS Grant, one of the submarines Jerry served aboard. On Saturday we drove down to Venice where my mother lives. She hasn't been doing very well lately and has spent some time in the hospital due to bone breaks from falling. We need to get her moved closer to family so she's going up to an assisted living facility in the Detroit area. There she'll be close to my brothers and her grandchildren. Jerry and I spent the day weeding through the accumulated stuff and packing up some boxes.

Today is Jerry's birthday. I'm sure he would have preferred spending the day doing something else! Happy birthday honey!


Jen said...

Corky, that picture is priceless!

A little cropping and photoshopping (the legs in the background) and it would be perfect for enlarging and framing.

You couldn't ask for a better picture!

Sheila Moore said...

Corky, We missed you at TTT today. We had fun making tote bags. Hope to see you next week, Sheila

KK said...

You got a new post up and I hadn't been checking. Hayden is so precious!