Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finished Dormer

The dormer is finally finished. I'm in the process of moving back into the space right now. Of course, even with the remodel, I don't have enough room!

Del recently asked me if we were done and to post photos. Here are a couple I took the other day when I started a bit of unpacking. Jerry was still putting up shelves for me at the time.

I'm still trying to decide where to put my cutting table. Right now I'll try it here until I see if that works.

The shelves will be all across the back wall. Jerry cut down the shelves I had and made them work with brackets. He thinks I'll have more shelf space than I did before, but I think it's less.

The one side wall didn't change so there's really no change here.

The dormer didn't really add much floor space, but it sure makes a difference in relation to the light in & head space in the room. I still need to get blinds for the windows. I'm anxious to get sewing up there!


Sheila Moore said...

Looks good and fresh paint always looks so nice and clean. Have fun moving in and getting organized. Sheila

Del said...

Nice! Looks like the light is good and the dormer's angles makes it seem a more 'creative' space than a boxy room. I know you will do great work in this new space.

KK said...

Geez - I thought I just checked your blog and now I see I've missed two posts. Didn't you wonder why I didn't say anything about the new space today? It looks really good - can't wait to see it when everything is moved back in and set up. Can I come play with you someday?