Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I've been missing in action lately. Not for any good reason, just haven't had much to post about.

I feel like I should always add a photo to any blog post I make so here is today's.

This quilt was made for a QuiltArt challenge called Why Is The Sky Blue?

When the challenge was announced I immediately thought about the beautiful cobalt blue Skyy Vodka bottles. I requested, and was granted, permission from Skyy Vodka to use images of the bottles in my quilt. It turned out to be harder to execute than I thought it would be originally. Probably because I used all sorts of non-traditional quilt fabrics. The orange background is rayon. The bottles are made out of satin, velvet, and lame' among other things.

You can see all the quilts submitted for the challenge here


Jeri said...

beautiful interpretation! you did such a wonderful job!

Jan said...

I love it!! I bet that the textures are amazing in person!!

Judy Heyward said...

I like the way your mind works, Corky--"Quirky Corky"!

Del said...

Great idea! I like your quilt best in Why is the Sky Blue challenge. Very imaginative. Good color.

Anonymous said...

Corky, You amaze me that you can do these art quilts with such non-traditional fabrics. You go girl, Sheila

Eve said...

Vivid colors!