Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas parade participants

We were in Savannah this past weekend. Jerry and our friend John ran the Savannah River Bridge Run on Saturday morning. Jerry & John have decided that they are "professional bridge runners" Neither of them runs a lot of road races, but they decided they like the challenge of running over bridges. They run the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run every year and now have added Savannah to their annual list of bridge runs. John's wife June and I are the cheerleaders.

Last year we all went down for the run and only stayed overnight. This year we decided to spend 2 nights so we could enjoy a bit of Savannah. Saturday afternoon we strolled through areas of the city and ended finding a good vantage point to watch the Lighted Christmas Parade that started just after dark on Saturday.

As the end of the parade, behind the last police car, 3 college-aged kids were marching as the tail end of the parade. It was obvious that they were not official parade participants - especially since one of the women was carrying her purse. They were having so much fun that we decided to join them. We hopped in formation with them and ended up walking the rest of the parade as part of the entertainment!! It was loads of fun. At one point the parade organizer came up to us and told us all how pleased he was that we were enjoying his parade so much.

Hopefully the race and the parade are on the same day next year. Watch for us.

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Judy Heyward said...

Way to go, Corky--we spend so much time "observing" life that we often miss out on "living" life.