Friday, December 14, 2007

Volunteer of the Year

One of the things Jerry does to keep busy in his retirement is volunteer for the
Trident Literacy Association. He teaches computer courses and has helped to keep their hodgepodge of computers up and running. He also recently helped them write a grant proposal to obtain funds for computer upgrades. They had hoped to get $2,000 but were thrilled to be granted $20,000.

Jerry was asked to attend the board meeting on Wednesday to discuss how to spend the grant funds. To his surprise, the real purpose of his attendance was for him to be honored as Volunteer of the Year! He doesn't say too much, but I think he was pleased with the honor.

Congratulations Jerry!


Anonymous said...

Go Jerry!! :-) - Jan

KK said...

Yeah, Jerry!!! What a wonderful award for a very worthy and rewarding contribution.

Anonymous said...


Well done! You certainly deserved VofY. What's next? 2008 Spouse of the Year? d:-)