Friday, January 04, 2008

Finally finished

One of the members of my guild, Judy Heyward, is a VERY talented quilter with the awards to show for it. One of her quilts, Charleston Beckonings, (which can be seen here scroll down to "First Entry in an AQS Contest and click on the link) has won awards all over and was a finalist in the $100,000 Quilting Challenge (winner to be announced in March.)

Judy recently taught a class on a simpler version of her winning quilt and I knew I had to take the class if only to have some of her massive talent rub off on me!

This is the quilt I made from the class. It is supposed to have another border and the leaves were supposed to be appliqued onto that border. I decided I didn't want to add that border, so I appliqued the leaves on the inner border. The outside edge is very narrow and needs a good pressing before I submit the quilt into our guild show. A day or two before the class I decided I wanted to do a pieced background for the Palmetto rather than use one fabric. I rather like the effect but all those seams ended up being a problem, so there isn't much quilting in that area. The quilt isn't really that out of square, I just pinned it to the wall to take the photo and didn't do it very well.

I wonder how many others from the class will submit quilts!


Judy Heyward said...

Wow, Corky! You know I Love it. I love your original approach to the pattern--very much making it your own--and I love your use of color. You are willing to take the bold step of not ever needing a box to get out of. I am always thrilled when I see that happen. Thanks for the VERY kind remarks about me. Why did it not surprise me that you had taken Barbara Olson's class?

Del said...

VERY nice, Corky. I also am a fan of pieced backgrounds and think yours is very effective. Keep it up.

KK said...

Corky - it came out fantastic - I knew it would - love love the red. If anyone wants to see some more of Corky's latest work - check out my blog as I just posted one of hers that I finished quilting.