Monday, January 14, 2008

The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

A talented writer is a member of one of my on-line quilt groups. Joshilyn Jackson wrote Gods in Alabama and Between Georgia. Her next book is called The Girl Who Stopped Swimming and the main character is an art quilter! Jos asked another member of the list, Pamela Allen, to make a quilt to go with the book. Pamela makes wonderful art quilts with the most fabulous quilting you'll ever see. You can see the quilt she made for the book
on Jos' blog. I think you'll agree that the collaboration between quilter and writer is fantastic.

I can't wait to get the book! You can preorder it on Amazon if you want!


KK said...

I loved God's in Alabama - will have to get the newest plus the other one she has written.

The quilt.....OK - you know I just don't get the self portrait type art quilts - but it is pretty cool and the QUILTING on it blew me away.

Debra Spincic said...

How cool is that? Very!