Friday, February 29, 2008

Quilt shows are a lot of work!

Today the guild hung the quilt show. With all the helpers (including Jerry!) the quilts were up in only a couple of hours. My feet and legs are killing me this evening. I'd blame it on old age, but my feet have always ached after being on them for a while.

The next time you go to a quilt show, thank the organizers for the work they did!


Anonymous said...

But the work was worth it. The show was FANTASTIC the quilts were AMAZING. I was so glad to see the new vendors, and, so many of them. Thanks to you and your Guild.
Joyce Greer
Just Stitchin'
President of Devine Guild

Anonymous said...

Quilt shows are alot of work, but it was a great show. The committee should be proud of their efforts.I am already looking forward to 2010!!! Sheila

The Carolina Quilter said...

Becky was a vendor at your show, Inman Quilt Cottage and loved it. She said everyone was friendly, the quilts were beautiful and she is hoping to be invited back in two years! Now me, I love Charleston--was born there but adopted and love to go down and visit. We have friends, Ben and Robin Gramling and he is developing property down there. We get to go see them every once in a while.