Monday, February 25, 2008

Quilt Judging

The quilts for my guild's show were judged today (some of them that is - the rest will be judged tomorrow.) I acted as one of the scribes. What an interesting experience. I've never seen the judging process before and it is very involved. We worked from 9am to 5pm and went through just over half of approx. 200 quilts. I could never be a judge and make the decisions! I've always heard how important good bindings are on quilts and it sure was driven home today. It was interesting watching the judge run her hands along the bindings to see if they were "full" or whether the joins were smooth or how the mitered corners looked.

The judging helpers can't make comments during the process and it's hard to see one of your quilts - or one made by a very good friend - being judged without making comments. Two of my 4 quilts were judged today. She didn't say anything I didn't expect and one got the usual "would benefit from more quilting" that I seem to get often. All in all a very enlightening experience.

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