Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cooper River Bridge Run

One of the big events in Charleston every spring is the Cooper River Bridge Run. A 10K race over the bridge that spans the Cooper River. The race starts in Mt. Pleasant and ends in downtown Charleston. Yesterday was the 31st running of the race. In the past I have run the race, but that was a number of years and a lot of pounds ago. (and before my knee started giving me problems.) It was always a fun race and it was nice to be in a large enough event that I was not the last finisher. (several times when I would run in smaller races, I ended up being the last person to finish. It's very disconcerting to try to run with the police car signifying the last runner right behind you with the flashers going.)

Jerry and his running buddy John took part in the race yesterday. Unfortunately, Jerry hurt his ankle several weeks ago and could not really run. He ended up walking the distance with John's sister who came to town just for the race.

Here are John and Jerry before the race started. (Jerry is on the right.)

as always, click on photo for a larger view

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