Saturday, April 12, 2008

Craig's birthday

Yesterday was Craig's 35th birthday. I guess it's time for me to stop saying I'm 39 years old if my baby is now 35! Noah hates it when I call his dad "My Baby!" and always insists that Craig is HIS dad, not MY baby. Craig just rolls his eyes when I call him that.

Here are some photos of my baby when he really was a baby.

The first 3 were taken when he was somewhere between 6 and 12 months old and the last one was taken at his first birthday party. I usually have trouble seeing the resemblance between people, but I do see a little bit of Hayden in the photo of him sitting up in the blue outfit. I love the photo of him in his pram, which was his mode of transportation the entire time we lived in Scotland. Since our fridge was so tiny and had no freezer(you can see it in the corner behind him in his birthday photo) we would have to make a trip to the store almost every day. I would put him in the pram and off we'd go. The shops in town were very small and it was common for the babies in the prams to be just left outside the door while the parents were inside shopping. (although the dogs were allowed in, and you'd see far more dogs than kids in the shops with mom.)
Happy birthday to my baby!

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KK said...

Just wait till Craig sees that first pic up on your blog for all the world to see! LOL