Thursday, July 03, 2008

Photos finally

I've been busily working on various projects.

A couple of weeks ago a teacher from the upstate of South Carolina (Lynn Buske) came to our guild and taught a couple of classes on her "Four Patch Swirl." The pattern is a lot like a stack & whack. This is a photo of the quilt I started in her class. We were supposed to have a focus fabric with an approximate 24" repeat but my fabric ended up with a 15" repeat. Because of that, I didn't have as many blocks & ended up setting them on point. I actually like the on point setting better.
This photo makes the quilt look less brown and more green than I think it looks in real life. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I may have to send this one out to be quilted, but haven't decided for sure yet. (click on photos for larger view)

Lynn warned us that making this pattern is addictive and she's right. It's so fun to cut up the fabric and then rearrange the blocks to see what the result is. Our guild was recently given a bunch of fabric from a sewer's estate. A box of the fabric was brought to our mini quilting group meeting a couple of weeks ago with the hope that some people would use the fabric to make donation quilts. One of the pieces had the necessary design repeat so I took it to make another 4 patch swirl. I like the soft colors in this. I did some simple quilting on this and only need to bind it so it will be ready to donate.

One of the sample quilts that Lynn brought with her was a striking black & white. I ran across a black and white with a bit of red fabric at the quilt shop and had to buy it. Here are the blocks I made with that fabric. Now I need to decide on the sashing. I'm auditioning both a black & red and a black & white. I'm leaning toward the black & red but will certainly entertain comments about which should be used!

Finally, I finished quilting the faux log cabin from our quilters day out and once I bind it I'll donate it to one of our charities.


Vicki W said...

Great quilts! I agree, the 4-patch swirl looks great on point.

Del said...

WOW! Those are wonderful quilts, Corky. I think I would use red sashing, but it will stand out much more than the white. Depends on what you want to focus on - the great blocks or the great color.

Judy Heyward said...

You have been busy, busy, busy. It looks as if you REALLY enjoyed the 4-patch swirl. The on-point edition really turned out nice--as did the others. Good work.

KK said...

Love them all. Use the red. Your quilter is waiting. LOL

Joyce said...

Corky, you can come up for air now. Lynn's technique is very addictive.