Monday, August 11, 2008

Pinehurst, NC

My brother Ed, who lives in the Detroit area, made a short golfing jaunt to Pinehurst, North Carolina this past weekend. Joining him were his son Eddie and one of Eddie's friends. We drove up there on Friday afternoon to see them. It had been several years since I've seen Ed, although Jerry has seen him more recently since they like to take a snowboarding trip together every year.

Ed has never met a stranger and is always looking for fun. This time was no exception. We had barely sat down to dinner when he started joking with the waitstaff. The joking somehow evolved into one of the waitresses actually cutting up Ed's salad and feeding him a forkful. I missed the actual feeding, but here they are while she was cutting up the salad.

Here's another shot of Ed.

Here's Eddie. He's 16 and going into his senior year in high school. He's trying to decide on his college choice and is thinking of University of Michigan.

It was nice seeing them even if only for overnight.

It was my first visit to Pinehurst and it sure is a nice town. Of course, it's geared to the golfer, but the downtown is very charming with lots of beautiful old homes.

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Judy Heyward said...

Eddie looks like he was a charmer--even at 16!