Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quilt University Class

I'm taking another Quilt University class called Painted Landscapes. I finally started working on Lesson One today.

The class uses setacolor paints. These paints are kind of cool because you can do sunprinting with them.

Lesson one has about 8 small exercises. I only got 4 of them done today because I was working out on my screened porch and it was WAY too hot today to spend much time out there. (it got up to 100 today and I'll bet the humidity was way up there too.)

Exercise one was to paint in a bucket. My piece ended up just looking like mud. I suppose I could use it for the ground or dirt in a landscape quilt - except it might have a bit too much red in it. (all photos are clickable for larger view)

Exercise 2 was to use Pollack techniques. I think I used a heavy hand too much on this piece and the right side of the piece just looks sloppy. I do like the sparkle the gold paint gives though.

Exercise 3 was to do a sunset. I used the colors the teacher suggested, but I don't think they work well. Also, my orange didn't turn out orange enough. I'm going to have to work on mixing the colors better.

By the time I got to exercise 4 I just wanted to get out of the heat so I didn't bother to mix any new paint for it and I don't really like the colors in it. However, I do like the technique. Once the fabric was painted I sprinkled coarse sea salt on the fabric and the salt made the interesting texture. I could see using this techique to get big flower blooms. That's what this looks like to me.

The actual sun printing is one of the exercises I haven't done yet. I'm looking forward to that. I did have a few pine needles on the first piece - the bucket painting - while it dried and if you look you can see where they were.

Hopefully the weather will break and it will be more comfortable working on the rest of the exercises!


Judy Heyward said...

Congratulations for braving the heat to do your classwork, Corky. I hate to even go outside at all right now. I, too, am waiting for the weather to break. The samples look interesting.

Del said...

If you don't like what you get you can always overprint a la Rayna Gillman. And then again, and again. I guess you stop when you have something you like or you throw it away because you can't stand to look at it one more time. Congrats for taking the class and working on your own. Del

KK said...

Hey - I've done some of that when I was in PA with Alice Lynn and her mom - lots of fun but really need to do it when it's cooler. I loved doing the sun printing - they had a gingko tree on the property and really loved what the salt crystals did to the paint. We'll have to get together and play at painting some day.