Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back from Retreat

I returned Sunday from our State Guild's annual retreat. As always it was a wonderful weekend, even though we had quite a storm on Friday night. The wind was bad enough to uproot a huge oak tree on the grounds of the retreat center.

I brought my own projects to work on for the weekend rather than taking a class. I had several projects but ended up working only on this seasonal calendar quilt. The lady holds up the different mini-quilts depending on the season. This is not my normal type of work and I didn't realize how LONG it takes to do the machine buttonhole stitch on applique like this. I spent the entire weekend doing the stitching on the woman and on the 6 mini-quilts on the bottom. I finished the stitching on the 3 on the top row today. Now I have to quilt all of them. After that is done, I'll sew buttons on for eyes. (photos are clickable for larger view)

This was our sewing room - with Jolene, Maureen & JoAnne in the photo.

We had a special art car display on Saturday and Sunday (after all the bad weather had passed through). What fun it was to see this quilt covering a PT Cruiser.

Here's the front of the car

And here are the 2 sides. I noticed that the kids are not in carseats!

Unfortunately, I didn't get the whole story on this so I don't know if it was made by just one person or was a group effort.

EDITED TO ADD - Thanks to Kristin's comment, I learned that the maker of the car quilt is a woman in her 80's and that she made it all herself! That's quite an undertaking. Thanks Kristin.


Vicki W said...

Cool car!

KK said...

Corky - I know the car cover belongs to one person but I don't know anything more than that. Thanks for no pics of me!! You can stay off probation for that good move!!

Judy Heyward said...

That calendar is going to be so cute when it's finished! Good work with the applique--I know it took great fortitude to do all of that stitching. But what a result!

Kristin said...

Hi Corky,

I clicked on your link from Vicki Welsh's site. I met you at the retreat. Lynn Parker told me the car cover was made by an 82 year old lady from one of the guilds, maybe Lake and Mountain? I thought that was really cool.

Kristin in SC