Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've been lax in blogging for the past week or so. No excuses for it, just lax!

I leave on Thursday for out state guild's annual retreat. It's held at a church camp facility in about the middle of the state. Classes are conducted by teachers from within the state. Some are part day, some full day, and some are all weekend. Rooms are also set aside for those that want to bring their own projects. It's always a fun weekend. I'll be in the BYOP room - I don't need to start any new projects.

I'll try to get photos while there, but in the meantime, I'll just have to post photos of the cute grandkids.

Noah likes to climb in the door frames. He thinks it's fun. I think it's crazy!

Hayden LOVES her riding toy. She's not very good at steering yet, so gets frustrated when she ends up somewhere she didn't intend to be.

Hayden also loves to be outside. She's always asking to go out. She even likes to nap outside. I think grandpa was almost asleep with her.

Chrystal decided that Hayden would be a pumpkin this year for Halloween and asked me to make this dress. The pattern is for a little criss-cross sundress, that I've made for her before. She'll be wearing some sort of top under the dress. I think Chrys said it would be black.

I was able to find pumpkin buttons for the shoulders.

See ya after retreat!


Judy Heyward said...

Cute pictures, Corky!

Chrystal said...

I love how the dress turned out!!!!

KK said...

Hey - I'm waiting on YOUR retreat report - didn't you take pictures??