Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgivings past

As I was chopping onions for the stuffing this morning, I was remembering Thanksgivings past.

In 1972 we spent our first married Thanksgiving in Dunoon, Scotland - a charming small town on the banks of the Firth of Clyde.

Jerry was stationed there aboard the submarine tender USS Canopus. This photo isn't the Canopus, but a previous tender tied up just as the Canopus was.

Four days after our wedding in September '72, Jerry left to report to his ship leaving me in Detroit until the Navy would approve my travel to join him. Come early November when we were still waiting for approval my step-father decided he'd just buy me the airline ticket. He was probably getting sick of me underfoot at his house! I arrived the day before Thanksgiving. Luckily a shipmate had invited us to spend the holiday with them. I spent the day in a daze. I was jetlagged in this damp cold country living in a house with no heat and I was freezing! The couple hosting dinner did have a traditional turkey, but dessert was coconut creme pie. Now, I love coconut creme pie, but where was the pumpkin pie??

When we returned to the states Jerry was stationed aboard various submarines. For a number of years he spent the holidays at sea. The wives often would gather together to spend the day. We would have a potluck style dinner and it would usually be a madhouse with all the kids running around. Those were actually fun times.

When Craig was in high school and Jerry was on shore duty, we decided to have non traditional Thanksgivings. Craig & Jerry would pull out the cookbooks and come up with themed dinners. For example one year we had Moroccan food. It was good, but I don't think Craig's friend Steve, who spent the holiday with us that year, enjoyed it very much. He was probably wondering "where is the pumpkin pie?!"

When we lived in California we were often able to spend the holiday with Jerry's brother & sister or with my dad. It's always nice to spend the day with family.

This year we are having turkey because Jerry won it. We're not turkey lovers so I probably would not have purchased one for today.

I hope you all have wonderful memories of Thanksgivings past and that you have many more memorable Thanksgivings ahead of you.

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