Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TTT gang cracks up

Yesterday the TTT gang took a road trip. We traveled to Aiken South Carolina to see a quilt show displayed at the Aiken Historical Museum. Aiken is about 2 hours from Charleston so we made a day of it - stopping for lunch along the way and making a visit to a quilt shop as well.

We posed for a photo on the steps of the museum. Unfortunately as we were posing I lost my balance on the step and nearly knocked over an urn of flowers. Betsy caught the reaction to my slip. That's me bent over laughing. Behind me (left to right) are Cindy, Joanne (holding her head in her hand),Karen (in the brown sweater), Sheila (partially hidden behind Karen)Judy (in black) Janet (in front in orange sweater) and Maureen (in red). Janice is the headless person in green way back behind Judy & Maureen. (click on photo for larger view)

We always manage to have a good laugh when we're together!

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KK said...

And Corky is usually the reason we are laughing!! LOL