Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas is in the air

Today the TTT (Trailer Trash Tuesday) gang met for a Christmas lunch and gift exchange. My gift to the gang was beaded scissors fobs.
I tried to make each one different, although a couple of them sure look similar.

We had such fun opening our presents! Karen gave everyone a handmade tote bag. Joanne also had bags on the mind and monogrammed each of us a "green" shopping bag (which actually happened to be red). Sheila made us each a coffee cup cuff so we won't burn ourselves when we visit the coffee shop. She also gave us yummy cookies to enjoy with our coffee. Frances gave pretty kitchen towels and homemade party mix. Virginia's gift was a cute sign for the sewing room. Betsy made delicious homemade candy (which most of us sampled immediately). Janice & Cindy combined with decorated kitchen towels, boxes of tea, and cute socks. Judy made us each a beautiful mirror. In addition Betsy had a special gift for me but I'll have to post of photo before I can describe it.

We were in Savannah this past weekend while Jerry and our friend John ran the Savannah River Bridge run. Jerry did okay on the race, but his Achilles tendon problem flared up after the race so we didn't get to walk around Savannah like we'd hoped to.

Tonight we leave for New York City. We're taking Amtrak, which will be a new experience. We'll be staying at a hotel in Times Square. Thursday night we have tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Show. That's the only fixed event on our schedule. Hopefully we'll be able to see all the decorated store windows. Back in the 80's when we lived in New York we made it a tradition to go to the Radio City show and see the windows on Christmas Day every year. It will be fun to do it again.

See ya when we get back!

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Gerrie said...

Oh, what fun. This is one thing I miss this time of year - NYC at Christmas.