Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Positive Attitudes

I try to have a positive attitude, but don't think I always succeed. I had an encounter yesterday that made me realize I need to work at it a little harder.

I was in a local department store and saw someone I thought I knew. I approached her and it was Linda, someone I knew way back in the 70's when we were stationed in Scotland. We'd crossed paths a few times since here in Charleston.

A bit over a year ago Linda's husband had a horrible accident. He was swimming in one of our local lakes and was attacked by an alligator. One of his arms was ripped completely off. He only survived because of a group picnicking at the lake. Several in the group were nurses and they helped to keep him alive until help arrived. When the story hit the news I knew it was Linda's husband and I've wondered how he's been doing.

Yesterday Linda told me how well Bill is doing. All through our conversation she stressed how lucky they were that he survived and pointed out that good things came from the experience - like hearing from old friends they'd lost touch with. His job was waiting for him when he was ready to return to work (only 7 weeks after the accident!) She was amazed that the story became more than a local one. She couldn't figure out why a news station in Minnesota would find much interest in an alligator story from South Carolina. Apparently they were approached to tell (and sell) their story to several broadcast venues, but declined to do so as they wanted to keep private.

I was just amazed at how positive they seem and I'm sure that attitude contributed to his quick recovery. Now, when I find myself thinking non-positive thoughts I need to remember Linda & Bill.

You can read about the incident here


KK said...

Good story and great thoughts. So glad to know your friend is doing so well. Whenever I feel down and negative I just think of my hubby - between the cancer surgery and the fire he would have a lot to be negative about and he has never ever let it get him down.

Amy said...

how nice of you to see an old friend. and he is very lucky. God puts people in our paths for a reason. it was NOT coincidence the ladies/nurses were there. it was GOD. I do not want to seem spiritual but it is our attitude that either propels us or holds us back. Thank you for sharing, Have a great day.