Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have not been doing any sewing or quilting to speak of so instead of sewing photos, I'll just be forced to post photos of those beautiful grandchildren of ours!

I caught them both in pensive poses the other day. Noah is at the stage where he puts on a forced smile when posing for a photo so I tried to catch him unaware. He has a bunch of freckles like I used to! (click on photos for larger view)

Hayden and Grandpa were watching Dora the explorer when I got her photo. She likes Dora a lot but Grandpa is less taken with the show. He'll do anything for his 'baby girl' though so he even answers the questions Dora asks!


Del said...

That Noah is one handsome kid - freckles and all! And little Hayden is really a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing your Grands with me. Del

Anonymous said...

Corky, I have finally had a few minutes to catch up on some blogs. Your grandkids are sooo cute. And that son of yours is one handsome guy. Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy New Year, Sheila