Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday girl

Today I celebrate my 57th birthday. My brother Claude left me a happy birthday message this morning and stated he knew that it was a significant birthday what with me turning 60. He thinks he's such a card, but all I have to do is remind him that he's 4 years older than me and that usually shuts him up.

Here I am blowing out the candles on some long ago birthday cake. That's my good friend Liz on the left with the birthday hat on. I'm pretty sure the guy on the far right - the one in the striped shirt - is the aforementioned Claude (you know, the guy that will always be FOUR years older than me.)(click photo for larger view)

Liz and I both moved out of Detroit as adults and it has been years since I've seen her. Liz, I know you've visited my blog in the past and if you're reading this, please drop me a note. I miss you!

My big plans for the day are to eat junk. I've been dieting for several months but tonight I plan to have pizza and cake & ice cream.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday!!!


(aka Karen from Quiltnet)

Judy Heyward said...

Happy, happy birthday, Corky. Enjoy the pizza and dessert!

Anonymous said...

Guess what - now you are a year older than me - for the next 8 monrhs. nanner nanner nanner

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!!!

maicher said...
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