Friday, January 23, 2009

Do you want a scoop?

We owned the world's oldest ice cream scoop. It was of some odd metallic material that seemed to rub off the scoop onto the ice cream. Most unappetizing. The last time we had ice cream I told Noah that on the next gift giving occasion I sure would like a new ice cream scoop. Well, for my birthday I received not one but EIGHT ice cream scoops! Craig said he visited a bunch of kitchenware stores in the area to get a proper assortment. (yes I know the smallest one is probably really supposed to be a melon baller, but it's the perfect Hayden sized scoop.)

We tried out several of them to scoop the ice cream to go with my birthday cake. (click photos for larger view)

If you ever need an ice cream scoop, give me a call. I can probably help you out!


Del said...

I don't know how I managed 07-29-96 as your b'day in my address book! You would only be 12! I will put the correct date in so that next year I can send you a timely "Happy Birthday, Corky."
Those scoops with the fat handles will come in handy if you develop arthritis in your hands someday.

tiatia said...

I just got a small electric ice cream machine I'm waiting to try (after the snow and ice melt here.) Hadn't even given any thought to a scoop.....ummmm... a mission.