Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

The Memorial Day holiday weekend has become the traditional Pirate's weekend at the lake house owned by our friends Jim & Susie. This isn't the best photo of them, but it's the only one I took over the weekend so will have to do. (click photos for larger view)

The house is on Lake Gaston which is on the Virginia/North Carolina border. Jim's family has had a place on the Lake for years so I guess it was a given that he and Susie would buy a place there at some point.

They are located in a little cove which is nice because the big boats don't come speeding by constantly. It also made for a calm spot to go kayaking. Since I'd never been out in a kayak before, it was really important for me to be somewhere calm!

Usually there are 4 couples in attendance on Pirate weekend. Unfortunately, this year 2 of the couples were not able to attend and we missed them. Hopefully we'll be able to all get together again soon.

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Vicki W said...

My parents used to love on that lake - it's a beautiful place!