Friday, May 15, 2009

More California

I wanted to share a few more of the California trip photos. The morning before we checked into Asilomar for our quilting classes we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's a beautiful aquarium and I always made sure to visit every time I was in the Monterey area. I especially love the jellyfish exhibit.

Shortly before our visit they opened their new seahorse display. I had no idea there were so many varieties. Most of my seahorse photos didn't turn out very well. Luckily I bought the exhibit catalog and used some of the photos as inspiration for my class design.

Joanne looks like she enjoyed the exhibit doesn't she?

Earlier in the trip when we were still in San Francisco we made a stop in a sweet tea shop. Joanne and Karen had the traditional tea.

Frances, the good southern girl she is, had iced tea and I splurged on a mimosa. It was an enjoyable stop and a great respite after a full day of sightseeing.


KK said...

Ok, I'm sick and feverish but I'm still pretty sure those jellyfish are upside down! LOL

Judy Alexander said...

Love the jellyfish. I have a similar picture that I took at the Atlanta aquarium.

KK said...

Poor jellyfish are still upside down.