Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the aquarium

We took the kids to the South Carolina Aquarium the other day. Noah always tries to act uninterested in any activity we plan for him (he's almost 8)so it's hard to tell what he thought about the whole thing - except for the escalator. He loved it and couldn't wait to go up. Interestingly there wasn't a down escalator - you either had to come down the steps or take the elevator. Anyway, it made me realize that there are not many locations we visit in Charleston that have escalators. Guess I'll have to scope out a couple more for him.

For some reason one of the exhibits was a fake campsite called Camp Carolina. I'm still not sure how that related to the aquarium. I couldn't get Noah and Jerry to sit down for a photo but here's Hayden sitting on a fake log next to a fake campfire.

The aquarium was good with a nice assortment of sea creatures. We enjoyed the penguins - who are fairly new residents in our aquarium. Some of the fish scared Hayden a bit - especially those that were bigger than her.

It was a fun visit and a good place to spend a very hot day.


Judy Heyward said...

What a cutie-pie!

KK said...

oh my goodness! Hayden looks like a little girl instead of a baby! They do grow up so fast. She is a stunner!