Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bits 'n Pieces Quilt and Fabric Shoppe

I've had a frustrating encounter with Bits 'n Pieces Quilt and Fabric Shoppe in Pelham, New Hampshire.

The first week in May I was looking for a specific fabric line. I went to Quiltshops.com and searched on the name of the line. Bits 'n Pieces had it in several color ways and on sale too so I placed an order.

On May 14 I sent a follow-up email asking the status since I hadn't heard from them and my credit card had not been charged. I received a response from Liz the same day stating that they only had one of the fabrics in stock and they had shipped it to me that day.

May 22nd and no fabric - and no charge to my credit card so I sent another email and asked them to cancel the order. I also sent an email to quiltshops.com telling them about the events. Quiltshops stands behind the shops that come up on their website and I thought they should know - especially since the Bits 'n Pieces web site still featured the fabrics I'd been told they no longer had.

Jan, at Quiltshops contacted Liz at Bits 'n Pieces and Liz's response told about unreliable employees, a busy brick and mortar shop, etc. In her response Liz stated that I had canceled the order when originally told of the out of stock fabrics. I didn't actually cancel it until 8 days later, but it's obvious that Liz knew I had cancelled.

On June 15 I received a package in the mail - guess what it was...the one yard of fabric that had supposedly been shipped on May 14. The postmark and the charge slip inside the package were both dated June 12 so it's not like the package had been floating around the post office for a month.

My initial thought is to just put the fabric in the stash and chalk it up as a lesson learned because it will be just too much trouble to return the fabric and hope they don't screw up the refund. The more I think about it though, the more angry I get about the transaction. So, while I may keep the fabric I decided to make sure others knew about the poor treatment I received from Bits 'n Pieces Quilt and Fabric Shoppe in Pelham, NH.

(Please note that I was 100% satisfied with Jan at Quiltshops.com and find the site is a useful tool in finding fabrics.)

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Lisa D. said...

It's important to know about the bad customer service as well as the good. Thanks for the warning.