Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back home

My mother's surgery finally took place late on Wednesday. They ended up inserting a plate and 13 screws. The doctor shared an x-ray. (click for larger view)

Jerry and I left Detroit Friday morning and arrived home this afternoon. My mother was moved out of the hospital today and is now in a rehab facility. Unfortunately, she has another issue that was just diagnosed - a fracture to the L2 vertebrae. The back is actually more painful for her than that arm. We're not sure yet what the course of treatment on the back will be.

A reminder to everyone out there - make sure you're taking your calcium and getting those bone density tests.

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Del said...

I'll reinforce that reminder. I did 24 months of self-injected Forteo to combat osteoporosis and I feel fortunate that when I tripped on the stairs a month ago I didn't break anything. GET THOSE bone density test, take your calcium and Vit D tablets. Doesn't matter that I have been a milk products junkie all my life - osteoporosis can affect anyone. Hope they have a solution for your mother's back problem - pain is so debilitating. Love, Del-at-home