Tuesday, September 15, 2009


After spending 4 years in retirement, Jerry decided he'd be happier if he went back to work. (How is that even possible?? I'm LOVING being retired!)

Anyway, yesterday he started a new job at the same company as our son Craig. We had to dig out business clothes for him and he had to buy some new stuff. It has been kind of getting ready for the first day of school!

The deal we made when we retired was that Jerry would cook dinner every night. Now that he's back to work I guess I am too...back to the stove every night. I was so enjoying just waiting to be called to dinner and will miss that!

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Del said...

You are not the first couple to do this. I think men just don't have the imagination to find something new and exciting to do. Hope he is happy with his new job. And I hope you find that being retired and cooking is easier and more fun that cooking dinner when you get home from work. Del