Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Home again

I'm back from my most recent trip to Detroit. My mother had a surgical procedure on the fracture on her back a week ago. While she still has some pain it's obvious by her reactions that the pain is better. However, now her oxygen levels keep dropping and they have to increase the amount of oxygen she has been receiving. Yesterday they drained off about 30 ccs of fluid from her chest and lungs. Hopefully she'll turn the corner soon.

While I was gone the TTT group delivered 3 quilts to a family that recently moved into a Habitat home. The home was a Women Built home and all the labor was by women. Sheila, one of the TTT gang, suggested that we make quilts for the mother and her 2 daughters. She contacted Denise, the new owner of the home, and found out what color schemes we should use. We raided our stashes and pieced the quilts as a group project. Karen donated her quilting talents.

The quilt in this photo is for Denise the mom. She asked for earth tones.

Left to right in this photo: Karen, Sheila, Betsy, Frances, Janice, Denise, Virginia, and one of Denise's daughters.

This pink and black quilt was for the youngest daughter.

The older daughter asked for a yellow and blue quilt.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there for the presentation and I hope that Denise and her daughters enjoy their quilts.

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Del said...

Hope your mother continues to improve. The Habitat project is great and the quilts will be used and enjoyed for many years, I'm sure. How are the dinners going?