Tuesday, October 13, 2009

State guild retreat

The Quilters of South Carolina held its annual retreat this past weekend. About 280 quilters from across the state gather for a weekend of classes and fellowship. The teachers are picked from the guild and we are blessed to have many talented teachers in our midst.

In the past I've just signed up for Bring Your Own Project, but this year elected to take a class called Fabricating from Nature with Marilyn Wall. Lots of great work was started in the class.

This butterfly was my project. I pinned it to this pink background temporarily for show & tell on Saturday night and think I like it. So, the background may stay. My original photo had the butterfly resting on a flower but I may decide to leave the flower out. The poor thing still needs a body. (click photos for larger view)

Karen was in the same class and she used a photo of flowers from her garden to create this. You can see the photo she worked from at the bottom right. I love the colors she used.

I think my two favorite works were these 2. Veronica's boats (I think I got her name right!) are beautifully done. She will add some buildings/homes at the edge of the water in the background.

Joyce's bridge scene was created from a photo she took in China. It was fun watching the composition coming together. That's Madonna's dog on the wall next to Joyce.

We were all inspired when Sandy visited our class with the quilt she made in last year's class. We saw how adding paint, etc. can really enhance the work. Sandy has a painting background and it's very apparent in this piece. Isn't it beautiful?

I highly recommend a class with Marilyn.

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