Friday, April 16, 2010

Curved log cabin

I have finally progressed far enough on my retreat project, a curved log cabin, to post photos. I got this pattern from the book Blendable Curves by Peggy Barkle.

I first had to construct 21 red log cabin blocks and 21 white log cabin blocks. After each complete round the blocks were squared, but only on one side so there were skinny logs and wide logs. (click photos for larger view)

One red and one white block were stacked aligning the wide logs on the red block with the wide logs on the white block. The two blocks were cut through both layers at once with a random curve. Here the 2 blocks have been separated but you can see they were cut together.

Then one side of the red block was sewn to the opposite side of the white block and visa versa resulting in 2 new blocks.

Here are 4 blocks showing one potential setting.

It has been a fun project but sewing all those log cabin blocks got a little tedious. I'm glad I'm getting to the fun part now.

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Maureen said...

The curved log cabins look good I think it was worth the effort.