Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Camp Happy Days

My guild, Cobblestone Quilters, has adopted Camp Happy Days as its community project this year. The camp is for "kids kickin' cancer." Our goal is to make 92 quilts by September when they hold family camp so that each person in attendance will have a quilt on his/her bed when they arrive.

My splinter group, the Duck Ditch Quilters, has been busy making quilts for this good cause. We've already turned in about 20 quilts and are working hard on more. Yesterday we had a sew-in and worked on several tops.

(click photos for larger view)

Sheila assembled this top which started with the preprinted panel. There was a lot of discussion about this one. It took a while before the group could agree on exactly which yellow fabric should be used as the inner border. In the end, even those that didn't think this particular fabric was the best choice agreed that it worked.

These green blocks started out as block of the month at guild a year or so ago. Betsy won them and decided to donate the blocks for charity quilts. There are still a lot of kits left to make more blocks so I expect we'll see more quilts like this before we're done. Pat and Melissa worked on this one.

Cindy and Janice cut big blocks out of these fun bright fabrics. This is going to be a really happy quilt when it's done. (I suspect that I especially like this one because all of the fabrics came out of my stash!)

Betsy made this pretty purple top which looks more complicated than it is.

Janice and Crystal worked on this one - assembling it from bits and pieces left over from previous quilts. They added a couple more rows after I took this photo.

Frances and Joanne worked on this one.

Somehow I missed getting photos of one or 2 more that were worked on.

Next month we're going to try to quilt some of these!


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