Friday, September 03, 2010

Challenge quilt

Our guild always has a community service project. This year our project is Camp Happy Days, a camp for kids 'living with cancer.' In addition to the quilts we've made throughout the year, the community service coordinator issued a crayon challenge. We pulled a crayon from a paper bag and had to make a quilt using that color.

My crayon was black and this is the quilt I made. (click photo for larger view)

I know, the quilt isn't really black is it? This was a 4 patch swirl that I started some time ago and I decided it was close enough for the challenge - since the quilt is going to charity, they won't mind that it's not really black.

We turn in the challenge quilts next week and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone made.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the support! It looks great.

Del said...

Great quilt. Good use of the print and the four-patch design. I think this is primarily a black quilt - it fills the requirement.