Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Program

There is nothing as cute as a pre-school Christmas program. Hayden's was Friday and was darling.

When the doors opened to the chapel Miss H was the first in line to file in. She wasn't shy about it at all and marched down the aisle with confidence.

I love her in this photo.

The Santa hats disappeared after their portion of the program and we were glad to see that Hayden had not removed her bow. She just doesn't like wearing anything in her hair and would rather have worn the bow around her neck like a tie than on her head.


Del said...

Oh, NO! She can't be that big already! Just yesterday she was but a babe...actually she is still a "Babe", but in a different way. She is the cutest! Thanks for sharing her.

Maureen said...

Miss those days......really liked going to the Christmas programs.
She certainly looked adorable!!

janice said...

Corky - Miss H looks so grown up compared to our Faith who is I think only 7 months or so younger! They just grow up so fast! I love to read your blog.