Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Since taking the machine embroidered/applique Santa class I've been inspired to do some more embroidery. I've had my Bernina 170 with an embroidery attachment about 10 years but never really did much embroidery. The machine requires the designs be on a Bernina card that is inserted into the unit. Over the years that technology has become outdated and most systems now use multi-format cd's and embroidery software.

A couple of years ago I investigated purchasing software that would allow me to join the rest of the embroidery world. The Bernina brand software is incredibly expensive and I didn't feel the expense was worth it for the amount of embroidery I expected to do. I did discover something called Explorations which is geared to the Bernina owner and was able to purchase it at a reasonable price.

I've been playing around with the software and was able to create this holiday themed monogram for Hayden. (click photo for larger view)

Just before I created this Chrystal and I were flipping though a magazine that featured mother-daughter aprons. Chrystal said she and Hayden didn't have any mother/daughter items and a light bulb went off. I used the same design to make Chrystal a sweatshirt too. (can't get this photo to flip properly so you'll have to tilt your head!)

It was fun to do these and I'm hoping that Chrystal doesn't think the one for her is too hokey.

Next up = some handtowels.

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