Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Yet even more from MAQF

Here are even more photos taken at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. (click photos for larger view)

This is Affairs of the Heart by Sue Zoeffel

Chromatic Transitions by Rachel Wetzler

Rose Mandala I by Anne Lullie

Madelaine - A Step Beyond Paper by Penelope Mace/Cutting Edge Quilt Guild

The paper doll elements of this quilt were removable and could be velcroed onto the doll. The makers even included different jewelry for the various costumes.

Imagining India by Pat Holly

and a closer look

Going Green or Not by Lois Griffith

This two sided quilt was hung so that viewers could get a clear view of both sides. This didn't photograph well. There is a lot of detail the photo didn't pick up.

Streamlines by Beth Gilbert

Obviously I enjoyed the show - I hope you enjoyed my photos.

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