Tuesday, March 15, 2011

quilting class

Several weeks ago my art group-ATW-acted as test subjects for Judy Heyward's machine quilting class.

Judy is not only a great designer, but an outstanding quilter, which explains why she wins so many awards. She does all of her quilting on her domestic sewing machine and has been asked numerous times to teach free motion quilting. The ATW group was thrilled to be her test subjects to work out any kinks in the class.

It's hard to photograph a whole-cloth quilt so these photos aren't great.

I enjoyed working on this and hope to use the skills I learned on future projects.

(click photos for larger view)


Jennifer Ley said...

Your piece looks great and I agree it was a great class.

KK said...

Great quilting! For better quilting definition in pics - turn off the flash and use a side light. You will be amazed at the difference. Keep practicing or you will lose those skills you just learned.