Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Classes and challenges

One of the classes I took at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest last month was with Carol Taylor called Arc-i-Texture. Carol's technique involves fusing squares of fabric to a base fabric. Once all the pieces are fused down yarn is couched over all the "seams." Then more yard is used to couch the decorative circles over the top of it all.

As the class unfolded I was unhappy with my fabric color selections. I was going to just pitch the class project and start over with something different, but decided to go ahead and finish it in order to try out the techniques. Once I got the various yarns stitched down I didn't hate it as much. (click photos for larger view)

I'll use the techniques again, but this time I'll have my entire stash available to me so I can (hopefully) make better choices.

At last Saturday's meeting my art group revealed its latest challenge: Zentangles. I had a real problem with this challenge. I just couldn't seem to wrap my brain around doing them. Lately Zentangles are all over and I'm awed by the people who have no problem sitting down and 'doodling' really cool designs. My inner critic seems to be so strong that it stifles me when I try to draw. I didn't want to show up at the meeting without something to share so I ended up doing this small piece.

I don't think of it as a zentangle because it doesn't have the variety that most zentangles do.

There were a number of really unique designs created for this one. Judy did a cool cat on a vinyl fabric that she turned into a doorstop. Doreen made a lamp (!), Linda did a shirt, Pat a pillow.

Our next challenge subject is Haiku. I think this one might be easier for me.

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Judy Heyward said...

Like your finished piece, Corky. Aren't you glad you finishd it?