Monday, April 04, 2011

It's a wonder

Last fall at our state guild's annual retreat I purchased the fabric to make a One Block Wonder quilt. Turns out my friends Dotty and Judy also had fabric to make the quilt so we decided to get together to make them.

We all had our fabrics cut before getting together last week and we spent the day sewing blocks. We decided to meet again today to progress further on the project. When we arrived at Judy's this was what we saw on her design wall. She was busy this week! Isn't it cool? (click photos for larger view)

While we had our print blocks completed, Dotty and I hadn't yet made any of the cube blocks. We spent most of today selecting fabric and then stitching up a few of the cubes. Here are Dotty's. I love the vibrant blue she used.

These are mine. I have a lot more cubes to make!

Judy has a studio to die for.

She has 4 machines set up in cabinets ready for sewing (2 Berninas, a Viking, and a Janome)

Her large cutting table was created by putting a counter on top of kitchen cabinets.

She made sure to get cabinets with pull-outs. Some are wood and others are wire.

Jerry and I have just entered into a contract for a new home which will have a larger sewing space for me. Maybe I'll be able to set something up like Judy's. Sure hope so!

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Judy Heyward said...

Great Pics, Corky! I'm looking forward to seeing YOURS on your blog very soon.